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Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 09:15:05 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 44"Adventures of Tray and Jay 44"PART 44: BASEBALL LINE-UPFriday night, and I had my man Dylan riding shotgun beside me in Cruz, and what with the way he kept squeezing my leg and letting his hand go higher each time until his fingers were caressing the hard, vulnerable place where the smooth inside of my thigh disappears up into my shorts, well, hell, I'm a boy and I can only take so much, okay, so I pulled into this big grocery store parking lot, away from all the cars, and before I even turned the key off Dylan's hand went all the way and squeezed my balls so rough and sexy I just slouched down and let him take me.My wild dude almost tore my soft, khaki shorts open, so crazy I grunted and twitched, and the second he had my sweet teenage cock free he was on it! God, that boy can suck dick! I played with his hair and leaned my head back, my eyes closed, and felt so good I thought I'd explode. Dylan's mouth is so damn hot, and he drools all over the place so I can always feel his spit soaking my pubes. That's when I had to have his mouth on mine so I tugged on his horny head down there in my lap until he chuckled with his mouth full and gave me what I needed.Dylan raised his head to mine and scooted off his seat onto his knees and took me in his strong, Rugger arms and kissed me almost violently! It was cool! I sniffed his funky breath and jabbed my tongue all around his and then sucked his monster tongue into my mouth until it was ready to snap off in me, and Dylan cracked up, so I did too. I can't help it, when he laughs like a little boy the way he did then I just want to die with happiness.Then Dylan dropped back to my prick and choked himself on it, he took the damn thing all the way so fast, and my hips bucked up into him while my hands held his head in place and I went for it. I creamed him, good and long and pounding off into his humming throat! He did, I swear, Dylan hummed in excited pleasure as I spazzed off in him! He tickled my nuts, too! Fuck! He shook all over, and the humming turned to grunting, and then his breath blew my wet short hairs and he relaxed suddenly.With a mouthful of my seed, Dylan sighed and rose droopy-eyed back up to my face, and I smooched him real tender, tasting myself on his generous mouth. He fed it to me, my stuff, and whimpered like a pup, which he usually doesn't do. One of my hands just reached up under his jersey and fingered his rock-hard chest and made him gasp and shake!"You're so sensitive tonight, Dylan boy," I whispered around his loving lips."I love you, Jay boy," he breathed into me and gulped, and we rubbed noses. Then I had to lick his chin all wet and nasty and bite on it, yeah, BITE on it! Sometimes I do that because I can, plus I love it, plus Dylan loses it every time, okay, he just digs the hell out of a good sexy bite like that. I love the feel of his stubble on my tongue and the taste of his sweat and maleness!Some guy in a security outfit was headed for us in a big old hurry, so I started Cruz up, and we skedaddled. My shorts were still open, and I checked out Dylan's big bulge through his tight cutoffs, and there was this massive, sticky mess all over his hip! It hit me what it was, and on the edge of the lot I broke hard and grinned at him. He looked away, half-embarrassed, and swallowed."You came in your shorts, you horny bastard?" I asked, just to confirm it, and he looked me in the eye and sucked in a deep breath and clenched his jaws this way that always means he's still riled as fuck and I better watch my mouth or I might get it up the ass wherever we happen to be, grocery store parking lot or not! Fuck, yeah! I'm up to it! So I leaned over and took his sticky pecker out and licked his delicious cum off and sucked it fast for good measure, and then I buried my face all the way under his shorts and cleaned up the wicked mess of man spunk he made in there, and I'm hear to tell ya, it tasted great!But with a loud snap of his cutoffs closing on his manly waist again, we hit the "strip" with all the other cruisers and eye-raped all the hot young dudes out looking to party. There's no shortage of studs where I live, okay. Out of nowhere, this brand-new, fire engine red 4X4 pick-up pulled up beside us, and I had to watch the car in front of me but I couldn't help noticing two super-studly high school boys in sexy baseball uniforms in the cab of the pick-up and two more of their teammates in the back, and as my fag brain went fuzzy on their 16-year-old, athletic cuteness, the pick-up drifted closer to Cruz and pulled slightly forward, and the boys in back...Ohmygod! The boys in back stood and wobbled and turned their backs on us and stuck their smooth, pale little boy butts over the side and mooned us like I never got mooned before! No shit! It was wild! Only they kept on mooning, and other cars were honking, and people were calling out and whistling, and I guess the crazy little fuckers just got into it! Well, they were close enough to touch, so you know what my Dylan did! He reached his hand out and SNAPPED a finger into the puckered red hole of one of the boys, who let out a yelp and fell forward, and then they were both pulling up their tight uniform pants and looking all wide-eyed and open-mouthed at Dylan, who cut loose one of his nastiest, manliest howls! Oh, I love it when Dylan howls! He makes me want to get fucked bad when he does that! Still the boys in the truck were outraged beyond their ability to process it quickly, and they fell back, behind us.The next signal was red, and they stopped next to us, and all four of them stared in total shock, their poor little high school baseball player heads blown clean off! But the one Dylan thrummed was blushing still, and he blinked hard and swallowed, but his eyes stayed on Dylan like a fly on sticky paper. I saw all this, Dylan was being cool and looking forward, until he couldn't take it any more and glanced over, and the two in front looked away fast, and the pick-up rolled forward a few feet so there were the two in back, beside themselves still!"Hope I didn't do any permanent harm," Dylan actually said at last! I just gasped in horror! The boys' eyes widened, then the one who got my lover's finger in his ass licked his lips."No, it's cool," he said, and his buddy's jaw hit his knees! Damn!"You sure?" Dylan continued, hopefully."Sure I'm sure, I said so, didn't I?" the kid snapped, then cooled down fast. "Um, I guess it's my fault for close and all." He flashed red again, almost as red as the truck! I was getting riled. Dylan was squeezing himself ferociously! The talkative kid got up on his knees and kind of scoped down into my boy's lap, so Dylan obliged him with a lift of his hips, as if he was only stretching! Yeah, right! The kid almost fell out the back of the truck, but his buddy grabbed him with a frown and pulled him back."How would you and your baseball buddies like to party?" Dylan got right to the point, and it was too much for the kids. Traffic started moving again, slowly, and Dylan made a why-not gesture with his hands, so our kid rapped on the rear window of the pick-up cab and leaned around to say something to the driver, who grinned real nasty and make a face and sneered at us...but then the truck abruptly slowed and got behind us, so I pulled off into a fast food place and they followed. Fuck me! I hoped Dylan knew what he was getting into.The baseball jocks all jumped out of the truck, and Dylan and I got out of Cruz, and the six of us stood there in the parking lot for a few seconds saying nothing. I looked at Dylan and raised my eyebrows."You boys looking for some fun?" he asked, and the boys all shifted nervously on their feet."Depends," said the driver, who was obviously the boss. He had close-cropped red hair under his cap and beautiful freckles, plus the greenest eyes I ever saw."Well, we have our own place," Dylan went on, "and our roomies are out so we can do whatever.""Like what, man?" said the guy who was in shotgun, challenging as hell."Like whatever you're up to," Dylan replied, and straightened to his full, stud boy height. The younger boys sort of cringed, okay! Cool!"Fuck this," said shotgun boy and tugged on the driver's arm, and the other boy from the back, who had been silent so far, sided with him. But the boy Dylan snapped, a sweet little guy with deep brown eyes and neck-length blond hair, stepped forward."Well, I'm going with them," he said, and it was just so fucking brave I wanted to hug him hard! Instead I smiled at him, and his eyes flashed! Wow! The others stared at Russian Lolitas him, but the driver nodded finally and offered his hand."Danny," he said, and first Dylan gripped his hand, then I did. It was warm and dry. One by one the others introduced themselves with varying degrees of eagerness."Christopher," glared the shotgun dude and pulled his hand back quickly after touching ours! They're all so cute!"Mike," said the quiet one from the back. His hand was sweaty, and when he took off his cap to wipe his brow on his sleeve he showed off a fantastic head of short, curly blond hair. It was all matted down from sweating during their game.And finally, "Teddy," our favorite boy grinned, and bit his lip. His grip was the most confident of all, and he held our gazes, as if maybe he'd figured things out by now and was cool with it. After the initial shock.Back at the old fag pad, everyone settled down in the living room. The boys were nervous. Danny and Teddy were on the couch, and the other two sat stiffly on the floor with their knees up."You got any beer?" asked Mike, and I was about to go for some because I knew we had a couple cases, but..."No, sorry, guys," Dylan stopped me smoothly."Well, what kind of party is this?" Mike frowned, and Teddy shot a look of total disgust at him. I grinned to myself."There's different ways to party, Mike," I told him, and stripped off my shirt. All of their eyes locked on my hard upper body, which was naturally more developed than theirs. Dylan followed my lead and scratched his balls. That's when Teddy got into it and started unbuttoning his jersey. He tossed his hat aside as his friends' eyes began darting nervously from Dylan and me to Teddy to each other."Relax, guys," Dylan said softly. "You boys look like you can handle yourselves.""Fuck, what does that mean?" asked Mike, panicking."Just that nobody's going to make you do anything you don't want," Russian Lolitas I assured him, but he looked sick. "Come on, all of you, get comfortable."So they all did it. They took off their hats and jerseys and shoes and socks, and every one of them was breathing real hard by then. They were standing in a short line-up, and Dylan and I closed on them. They flinched."So, what's up?" Dylan asked playfully, and Teddy laughed! He has a sweet laugh, playful and boyish. His dimples showed, and I melted. I also stepped real close to him, and he had to look up into my eyes.Okay, so fuck it, right? I grabbed Teddy fast, between his legs, and all of them grunted as one! Yeah! Teamwork! Teddy's eyes glazed, and his head went back, and his whole body sagged a little. I massaged his crotch slowly, easily, and felt his cup straining from a load it was never designed to hold."Oh, my God!" Mike said sickly, so Dylan took hold of that dude's package, and Mike fell back a little."You want me to let go, just say so," Dylan offered, and Mike panted and lowered his eyelids and finally shook his head.I dropped to my knees and carefully reached up and undid Teddy's pants. Baseball pants are so tight you really have to tug hard to get them off, and Teddy let me do it all. He really liked it. His cup fell after the pants cleared his waist, and under his damp Jockeys was a hot, twitching mound of boy meat. The other boys all leaned forward to get a look! I licked him and sucked him down there, through his underpants, and his cock sprang out to the side and tented those briefs way out."Oh, mannnnnn!" went Teddy's buddies, together! Dylan was rougher with Mike's pants, he ripped them down fast and mean, and the boy's cup flew, and his hard-on poked straight out to Dylan's nose! Dylan pulled the Jockeys down and groaned when the dude's 7" dick filled with blood all the way and snapped over his happy trail on a very hard belly. Christopher and Danny stripped fast and stood there watching each other jack off!Teddy almost passed out when I licked his hairless little nads, and his penis, which was 7" like Mike's but thicker, dripped onto my forehead! He held onto my shoulders for support, and I ate his balls like mad! So sweet and sweaty! So fresh! I smelled his butt, the way a boy gets when he works out hard, and helped him step out of his pants so I could spread his legs further and tease his crack a little! He spazzed!Dylan Russian Lolitas was licking Mike's quivering stomach and all over, and Mike looked torn as he gazed down at a man's head doing bad stuff to him! But he couldn't help it, okay, it felt too good! I moved over between Danny and Christopher and blew on their cocks to cool them off, okay! Shit! Danny's was about 8.5, slender and about to pop when I pried his hand off it, and Christopher's was 6.5, pale, with a huge, angry head begging for relief!So I went down on Christopher right off and made him pop his nuts in my mouth in three seconds! He screamed his ass off and pulled on my hair! Fuckin-A! I took Dylan's neck in my hand and tugged him over, and made him swallow Danny's dick, and Danny shoved it all the way to his pubes and winced and tightened up all over, and then he blew his wad in my lover, on and on!I returned to my favorite boy, Teddy, and licked his shaft which was soaking in his precum and tasted his sugary clear juice."Oh, Jay!" Teddy gasped. "I've needed this so long, dude! I don't care if it makes me a queer, I like the feel of your mouth on my privates!""MMMMMMM!" I teased the head with my tongue and heard him grunt in alarmed shock, so I knew what was going on and pulled his pecker straight out where I could eat it! And that's what I did! I ate the boy's cock and squeezed his butt and felt and listened as he gave me his cherry explosion! Teddy's sperm was the thickest and sweetest I ever tasted, for real.And when I milked that boy, I heard Mike grind off a gut-wrenching grand-slam into Dylan! But Teddy came down to his knees before me and wrapped his arms around me and held on gratefully, and I was dumbfounded! I held onto him and smelled his warm neck, and then he looked into my eyes and made a little gesture with his head, so I frowned, and he did it Russian Lolitas again, and I realized he wanted me on my feet, so I thought we'll both stand up...But only I stood! Teddy stayed on his knees, where he made me naked and played with my cock and balls gently, his silky hands giving me intense joy, and more than that, I was overwhelmed by his curiosity, his fearlessness Russian Lolitas in front of his friends who all watched, you bet they did, and his selflessness! I was blown away. Teddy paused, let go, and watched me spaz, twitching powerlessly and gushing precum, and his tongue came out and snagged some as his friends gasped, but he ignored them. He licked my shaft, my balls, my belly, and breathed on me as his breath came out in shivering pulses of delight!At last, when I was ready to spew over his smooth young boy face, Teddy knew it and gently went down on me. Slowly, each inch making me think I couldn't possibly go on without cumming..."STOP, TEDDY, I'M GONNA CUM...OHHHHHHHHH!"Because Teddy heard me and grabbed my hips and forced a lot of my 9.5" bone down his virgin throat, and he was choking bad as I went off in him but I was delirious, and when I could see again, Dylan and the boys were all jerking themselves in awe!Okay, that was the first inning! Dylan stepped up to bat first in the second, and he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into him, and then he got rough. Oh, yeah! He started play-wrestling, okay, and I got into it fast, and so we ended up really doing it, all over the living room floor, squirming like crazy and fighting for holds on each other's slick bodies, and every once in a while I'd catch a look at the boys kicking back on their knees watching us go at it...and jacking themselves good but sneaking looks at each other! Ohmygod, it was hot! I got so hard I couldn't stand it, and Dylan and I were bumping into furniture and the boys, but you know they didn't get out of the way or anything! Hell, no.So finally Dylan got serious and pinned my queer ass for real, okay, I mean I never give up to anyone even if he was only playing up to then. So he ended it hard and nasty and used his whole body to force my shoulders to the carpet, and once he took me that way he grunted and grinned scary as hell and licked his lips so wet and crazy his spit sprayed out on my face, which I dig the fuck out of...And I looked at the boys as Dylan spread my legs with his knees and spit a nice wad in his hand and wetted up his long cock, and the looks on those boys faces went from totally confused to shocked out of their gourds to wild-ass, adolescent lust! Damn, they knew what he was doing suddenly, and it thrilled them to the center of their sweet nuts! Teddy quietly moved over to Danny and went to playing with his buddy, just touching is all, but it was so sexy and innocent and curious I kind of naturally lifted my legs to give Dylan an easier shot at my hole!Which he took, fast and low! He nailed me viciously, and I loved it!"UUUNGH!" I screamed. Teddy lay on his back and stuck his head under Danny's nads and kissed them real soft as Dylan pounded my ass, and Mike and Christopher turned so they could watch Teddy do this unforgivable, unbelievable homosexual act to one of their own! And Teddy did it great. He kissed those firm nuts and then licked them gently and just had to suck one into his hot boy mouth, then the other, and of course that force
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